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SHOGUN Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder | Natural Farming - 4oz Pack - Made in Taiwan (Uji Ceremonial Grade) | SHOGUN-UJI
SHOGUN SHOGUN-UJI Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder
SHOGUN SHOGUN-UJI Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Our Uji Matcha
This is our highest grade of Matcha offered by Shogun Matcha. Uji is ceremonial-grade and is intended to be used only for special occasions and for important ceremonies. Due to the way it is cultivated and prepared, the supply of Uji Grade is very limited. Many people who have regular mediation practices or do daily yoga also like using Uji Matcha as part of their wellness regimen. This is because Matcha is believed to help calm the mind while relaxing the body, ensuring that those who mediate can easily go into a deeper state and can focus more intensely.
Shogun Matcha is a high quality matcha grown in Taiwan on tea plantations located in high altitude mountains. These plantations are situated from 500 meters to 800 meters above sea level, and the tea produced is smoother, richer, and more fragrant than tea produced at lower altitudes. These advantages include abundant sunlight and sufficient rainfall that promote healthy growing, rich soil, and an extreme temperature difference between night and day that naturally prevent insects and pests. In addition, Taiwan is strict about enforcing pesticide-free regulations - in fact, the allowable pesticide levels in food grown in the country are just 1/10 of those in Japan. This ensures that Shogun Matcha tea is genuinely organic and grown without harmful chemicals.

What is Matcha

Matcha has become one of the trendiest health supplements in recent years. The word "Matcha" means "Powdered Tea" and is made from stone-ground green tea leaves that have been specially prepared to improve their flavor and texture. Since you are drinking the entire leaf and not just steeping them, the resulting tea is seen to be a more powerful source of nutrients than ordinary green tea.

Why Drink Matcha

Matcha is rich in a type of antioxidant called polyphenols, which have been linked to health benefits such as better regulation of blood sugar and lowering of blood pressure as well as reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. It also has high levels of vitamin C, magnesium, selenium, chromium, and zinc as well as being a good source of dietary fiber that greatly helps reduce constipation and aids digestion.

Other Health Benefits

- Helping lower your bad cholesterol or LDL. Taking green tea regularly in beverage form or as extracts is seen to help significantly reduce LDL. High levels of LDL have been associated with a higher risk for developing heart disease as well as heart attacks and strokes.

- Combating signs of aging. Green tea leaves are rich in catechins - antioxidants which help protect the body against free radicals. Free radicals are harmful molecules which damage the cells, causing aging in the body as well as being associated with diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and even Alzheimer's.

- Helping you lose weight. Consuming green tea rich in catechins has been shown to increase thermogenesis, the rate at which the body burns calories. In addition, exercising after taking matcha green tea has been shown to increase the amount of fat burned during the workout

- Increasing your energy Level. Since green tea leaves are rich in caffeine, matcha can be used as an alternative to coffee in helping to boost energy levels. without having to suffer the caffeine crashes afterward that can leave you feeling drained. Most importantly, you can still sleep very well even if you drink matcha 2 hours before you sleep

Why Choose Made In Taiwan Matcha

While it is commonly believed that the best matcha comes from Japan, the Fukushima Incident in 2011 has increased concerns that radioactivity in the soil could contaminate agricultural products grown in the country. Thus, a lot of people believe that Japanese matcha is no longer the best choice in the market and are looking for alternatives. Although Matcha is also grown in China, the quality is questionable because of the serious pollution problem in the country. Taiwan matcha is becoming more popular among discerning tea buyers since it is grown under superior conditions that ensure there are no harmful chemicals that could affect the health of drinkers.

About Shogun

In the same way that Shoguns were leaders of their time, Shogun Matcha is committed to becoming the leader in the sales and distribution of high quality Matcha. We pride ourselves in giving our customers healthy Matcha that is naturally farmed and chemical-free. From site selection, planting, growing, handpicking, and distribution, every single detail is carefully looked into. We only cooperate and partner with companies that have ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and HACCP certifications.

As part of our efforts in providing world-class Matcha products, we made an application for the USDA Organic Certification. While the certification is still in process, we expect to be USDA-Certified very soon. Meanwhile, we currently use the term "Natural Farming" to describe how our production process is made free from pesticides and radiation.

Our vision at Shogun Matcha is to reintroduce the ancient matcha as a healthy, satisfying, and relaxing addition to your daily food and beverage. With Shogun Matcha, you can Maximize the health benefits of matcha without fear or worry of lead contamination and artificial additives.

(Matcha benefits is research done by Consumer Authority. Information regarding product and the company is provided by Shogun Matcha)

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